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I make tables both for order and for sale. If somebody order one table, we need choice the engine base, paint finish and engraving if need. There is no choice in safety, all parts of engine frame bolted or welded safely and the toughened safety glass is only bolted. All engine degreased and shootblasted for avoid any bad smell or oil leaks.

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Recent Works

Mercedes V12 *FOR SALE*

I drove 300 miles for this block and really easy work to convert in table because nearly new and clean engine. Powder coated in Aluminium Silver colour. 850x650x8mm glass fitted. For Sale! £1200 delivery available [Show slideshow]

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Rolls Royce V8

Lucky enough for find this massive engine on ebay for reasonable price. Block and pistons size are bigger than any what i ever seen from car staffs. Engine base powder coated in chrome colour. Massive engine got massive size glass, 900x900x8mm. will be auctioned: https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/rolls-royce-v8-coffee-table [Show slideshow]

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VW Beetle sofa and table

Bought a rusty beetle an converted in sofa and table. Lost of work with body, required a lot of welded and new bodypanels. I tried using a match original parts if is in good condition(wheel trims, bumper) or refurbish the original ones(upholstered seats, rapainted wheels, cleaned tyres). Engine table painted in matching colours. The sofa  […]

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Ferrari V12 table

Engine coming with the Ferrari V8 engine. Really rare to get Ferrari engine, because still worth for repair the engines regardless of damage.  This engine had serious liner and crankshaft bearing damages. Possible the only one Ferrari V12 coffee table on world! Engine base powder coated in red and polished. [Show slideshow]  

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