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In 2011 needed change the engine in my Alfa Romeo GTV V6, and the story started. The old unit was sitting in my garage and one of my friends asked me why do not you make coffee table. When I tried to sell my GTV, I just offered the table with car, but everybody wanted to buy the table only.

This time I started searching other engine, for make new table for sale. The BMW M3 is first table what I built for sale and sold easy. Followed by Ford V4, Subaru boxer, Vauxhall 1600, etc and nearly one year and 20 tables later still happy to build other ones. 4years and 50+ tables and still happy but looking for rarest and strongest engines for make more exclusive and quality tables.

I allways keep my eyes on safety, all parts of engine frame bolted or welded safely and the toughened safety glass is only bolted. All engine degreased, shootblasted and powdercoated for avoid any bad smell or oil leaks and give fully paint cover.

After the first busy 4 years, now try slow down a bits. Target now for make less but higher quality and rarest tables.

I now share part of my knowledge, and wrote a book. The information and pictures will help you for make your own engine coffee table. You get all of help what required from start to finish. Will published by Veloce Publishing in March 2016.

For high quality, I ask the best local companys for made the paintwork (Precision Alloys, powder coaters), cutting the custom size glass (THE GLASS MAN), or made professional sandblasted engraving (B Spoke Mirrors).

Short videos about how is born my tables:


Jaguar XK8 | Engine Coffee Tables from SCFILMS on Vimeo.

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