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I make tables both for order and for sale. If somebody order one table, we need choice the engine base, paint finish and engraving if need. There is no choice in safety, all parts of engine frame bolted or welded safely and the toughened safety glass is only bolted. All engine degreased and shootblasted for avoid any bad smell or oil leaks.

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Recent Works

Cosworth F1 DFV

The legendary Cosworth DFV engine. Won hundreds of races and served lots of teams. This engine supplied first to Williams team in 1978 and served via season. [Show slideshow]

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Audi V8 table

Made from Audi A8 quattro’s engine. Powder coated in chrome colour. Sold on Scottish car show 2013. Replaced once. [Show slideshow]

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Arrows/Hart F1 table

This engines been used in Arrows F1 cars in 1998. Serious liner and sump damages. Sold for Formula 1 fanatic to England. [Show slideshow]

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Trabant table

Trabant the east European “dream car”, lots of family’s only chance for own car, like mine. I learn to drive on Trabant, and my grands bought two new ones and used 20-20 years each. Not quetion for future of this table, sitting in my grandfather’s house. [Show slideshow]

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